Corey Mulryan

Corey Mulryan

What attracted you to the emergency management field?

During my internship with the Lake County (IL) County Administrator’s Office I worked with their Emergency Management Agency on several projects throughout my 11 months there. Near the end of my internship I was a member of the EOC during the Presidentially Declared Disaster floods (DR-4116). We were active in the EOC for almost three weeks and being able to help the community got me hooked in the EM field.

Describe what you do on a ‘typical’ day.

I work with government entities to review and update current plans. We work together to identify and engage stakeholders within their community that can assist them during every phase of an emergency.

How would you describe the culture at Hagerty? 

We work hard and try to deliver the best product to our clients that we can. We are progressive thinkers that respect old school methods; we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

What types of people do you suppose are a good fit to work at Hagerty?

Someone who is hard working and dedicated. The focus of our work is to help communities prepare for the worst and respond to the best of their abilities.

How have you changed personally or professionally since you started working at Hagerty?

One change I’ve noticed is I pay more attention to detail. Being able to understand the client and adjust to their needs is an area I continue to work on daily.

What effect has your work at Hagerty had on your future professional aspirations?

Working for Hagerty has cemented my passion for the EM field. I don’t know where my future will take me, but I am excited for the ride.


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