Siobhan Mullen

Siobhan Mullen

What attracted you to the emergency management field?

I studied emergency management in part of my graduate school studies, but I never thought I would be working in it day to day.  Now that I am in it, I love it!  Emergency management is so expansive and multi-faceted that I find myself learning something new and exciting every day.

Describe what you do on a ‘typical’ day.

As an analyst for FEMA Planning Technical Assistance, the day to day is constantly evolving.  Ultimately, I spend my time engaging stakeholders and crafting deliverables to guide the Baltimore UASI in the development of evacuation and recovery plans with the goal of creating an emerging practice for emergency managers across the country.

How would you describe the culture at Hagerty?

We are a team!  I know I could go to any one person across this entire firm for help on a task and they would be willing and able to help.  We have a really wonderful support system and I know I can always count on my colleagues as we work together to put out amazing products.

What types of people do you suppose are a good fit to work at Hagerty?

Not only should you be a team player, but the ideal candidate for Hagerty should be motivated to make a positive change in emergency management.

How have you changed personally or professionally since you started working at Hagerty?

I believe learning is a life-long journey and it has something that has really come to fruition in my time at Hagerty.  The wealth of expertise across the firm has build my own breadth of knowledge in the same way I hope I have made a positive learning impact on others.

What effect has your work at Hagerty had on your future professional aspirations?

I would love to continue to explore bridging the gap between emergency management and cyber security.  It is a policy area that is ripe for change and growth and I think we have the capabilities at Hagerty to make real progress.

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