Senior Managing Associate – Sustainability Advisor

Are you an individual who wants to advocate for, guide, and design sustainability initiatives in a high-profile environment working with federal, state, local, and private sector partners and work to implement measures that will have lasting impact on disaster survivors and surrounding communities for years to come?  Hagerty Consulting, Inc. welcomes getting to know you!

As disasters continue to impact our country from coast to coast, the emergency management community faces new challenges in designing and implementing recovery plans and programs from these disasters.  Better understanding on how recovery solutions impact the environment, address climate change, and impact future community development are needed.

Hagerty Consulting, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our project team and advise the implementation of sustainable strategies, principles, and practices for a highly complex recovery needed following a series, and combination, of natural disasters.  This individual will shape how sustainability is integrated into housing and debris removal solutions, infrastructure development, and economic policy.


The Sustainability Advisor will work collaboratively with governmental officials and outside partners to develop, coordinate, promote, plan, and educate the whole community about effective sustainability initiatives for pre- and post-disaster conditions.  As such:

  • The Sustainability Advisor will advise the State and Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinators, and federal and state partners, and local officials, on sustainable communities, climate change adaptation, green and energy efficient growth, materials and products for recovery planning, development, and construction.
  • The Sustainability Advisor will be an advocate for, and guide recovery planners and managers, in the adaptation of sustainable, green, and resilient principles and practices.
  • The Sustainability Advisor will ensure a persistent effort to integrate resilience and sustainability measures into recovery efforts.
  • The Sustainability Advisor will contribute through collaborative and integrated planning to address solutions, mitigation, resiliency, and sustainability opportunities.
  • The Sustainability Advisor will serve as the internal advisor and “go to” expert for sustainability, monitoring emerging trends, programs and issues, and communicating and educating on sustainability topics and best practices.
  • The Sustainability Advisor will identify and prioritize areas for institutional sustainability efforts and recommend strategies for proactively addressing relevant sustainability issues.


  • Candidate must have a minimum of five (5) years of recent experience working in resource conservation, green building, sustainability, climate change mitigation and/or planning, or energy/water conservation.
  • Candidate must have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience managing a Sustainability or Resiliency type program. Administrative experience handling complex programs and projects at a public agency is desirable.
  • Candidate must have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in environmentally-related discipline, such as physical, biological, or health sciences, engineering, or sustainability.
  • Candidate must have knowledge of:
    • Principles of all phases of equitable sustainability including, but not limited to resource conservation, green building, green infrastructure, climate change, energy and water conservation, and zero-waste.
    • Principles and practices of organization, administration and personnel management, employee relations, and effective public relations;
    • Principles and techniques of problem solving and conflict resolution;
    • Legislative process at both the state and local levels;
    • Applicable laws and regulations governing green building, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy, and associated California law and regulations.
  • Preferred candidate will have previous experience with and/or working knowledge of California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA)