Disaster Discourse: The Hagerty Blog

Disaster Discourse: The Hagerty Blog

How Can You Help Communities Impacted by Hurricane Harvey? The Hagerty Consulting Response Task Force!

As we monitor the impacts of Hurricane Harvey we are re-posting this article about the Hagerty Response Task Force. The Task Force offers critical support to communities to respond to and recover from large-scale disasters. Apply to become a part of the cadre here.


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Large-scale disasters – notable recent examples include the severe flooding in Louisiana in August 2016 and Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 – can create an immediate and often long-term need for response and recovery staff that far exceeds the available capacity at the local and state level.

As an emergency management consultancy, Hagerty Consulting offers our clients a full spectrum of pre-disaster preparedness and post disaster recovery services. For a recent municipal client recovering from a late season Atlantic storm, our Preparedness Division conducted a gap analysis to determine critical resource needs as an element in the development of a disaster cost recovery plan. This analysis revealed a critical need for staff with specialized skills and certifications to staff Emergency Operations Centers and coordinate response and recovery efforts for both notice and no notice events.

To help our clients address critical shortages in capacity, Hagerty Consulting has developed a Response Task Force.  This Task Force provides a cadre of emergency managers and other related professionals whose skills, subject matter expertise, and previous disaster management experience will help clients meet any identified staffing needs prior to, during, and throughout the recovery efforts following a disaster.

How will state and local governments benefit from the Response Task Force?

Disasters can challenge existing levels of emergency management support staff during emergency response and recovery operations and may limit an emergency coordinating entity’s ability to provide needed services to survivors. The Hagerty Response Task Force is designed to help our clients avoid these negative outcomes.

Three goals of the Hagerty Response Task Force include:

  • Surge Capabilities Prior to an Event – The Hagerty Response Task Force provides clients that are anticipating a major impact from a storm with quick mobilization and onboarding of a wide array of experienced emergency managers. This rapid response capability enables jurisdictions access to needed skill sets and surge support during a large-scale event.  This skill sets may include but are not limited to: planning, logistics, public information professionals, etc.
  • Experience and Dedication – The Hagerty Response Task Force is comprised of experienced professionals who have operated in some of the nation’s largest disasters. They bring first-hand knowledge of emergency response and of operations centers during disasters,  in addition to best practices that can contribute to a successful response effort.
  • Continuity in Emergency Management Cycle – The Hagerty Response Task Force will provide clients the needed staffing capacity and programmatic expertise throughout response operations. Additionally, support provided by the Task Force will help facilitate the transition to disaster recovery efforts when immediate staffing resources are stressed. Task Force members will not only support a jurisdiction implementing their preparedness plans in response, they will be aligning activities to mitigate the burden of financial and long-term recovery operations.

With the goal of getting jurisdictions back to business-as-usual following a disaster, Hagerty Consulting looks forward to providing our clients the peace of mind that, although they cannot plan for all disasters, when a disaster strikes, they have a resource to help them respond and recover as quickly as possible.

How can you help state and local governments recover more quickly?

Are you interested in joining the Hagerty Response Task Force?  You can learn more about how and when the Hagerty Response Task Force will deploy and apply to become a part of the cadre here.  If you have any questions about the Hagerty Response Task Force, please contact us at response@hagertyconsulting.com.

Blake Stave is a Managing Consultant and currently works within Hagerty’s Preparedness Division.  Blake has experience at both the state and local level of emergency management developing preparedness plans and has responded to multiple declared disasters.