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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NSCAM), and, throughout the month, we are highlighting Hagerty employees working to support our cybersecurity needs. During this third week of  NSCAM we highlight Hagerty’s Director of Information Technology (IT), Keith Novak.

Briefly tell us about yourself – how did your career path lead you to Hagerty Consulting?

Keith: I didn’t have what I’d call a traditional career path.  I was fortunate to start my career in development for an insurance company in New York where I had a great mentor.  That led me to come back to Chicago where I joined an upstart, young, growing IT consulting company that eventually went nationwide.  Again, I was well mentored which gave me enough experience and drive to start my own consulting company, which I did for 20 years serving all kinds of clients. From there I was enticed to direct the IT of a billion-dollar division of Fortune 6 company. A chance meeting with Brad Grinning from Hagerty led to discussions and an opportunity to help shape tech within Hagerty.

What is something every individual or business should know about cybersecurity?

I’ll give you 5 “somethings”:

  1. It’s usually human error that results in a cyber attack;
  2. Even small business are targets;
  3. Antivirus and internet security software can’t do everything;
  4. Hackers will always be there – the rewards are too great for them to give up;
  5. It will take tools, technology, and people to make hackers jobs harder. The goal is to make them look elsewhere.

What do you find most meaningful about the work you do here at Hagerty?

Building upon my first answer, the most enjoyable work experiences I’ve had were helping growing companies apply tech.  Being the technology guide and backbone and for a growing company that helps clients prepare for and recover from disasters is very rewarding.

Keith Novak is the the Director of IT for Hagerty, and is an experienced IT professional who has dedicated his career to helping businesses realize their vision through the application of innovative, modern technology solutions.