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Tropical Storm Fay Moves Inland; Strong Flash Flooding Possible

FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2020 AS OF 09:00 AM EST

Tropical Storm Fay is projected to make landfall in the northeast United States (US) on Saturday, July 11, with up to seven inches of localized heavy rainfall reaching coastal sections of the mid-Atlantic to New England. The storm developed off the coast of North Carolina, with current maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour (mph), but it is expected to decrease in strength while moving inland. Tropical Storm Fay is currently moving north at 10 mph and is expected to increase speed as it moves northeastward. The National Hurricane Center/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NHC/NOAA) issued a weather advisory from Cape May, New Jersey, to Watch Hill, Rhode Island, with poor beach conditions and winds expected along the coast. 

 Potential Projected Path of Tropical Storm Fay: Source

Starting today and moving into the weekend, tropical storm conditions are expected across the northeast coast. Residents of lower Maryland easternshore, Delaware, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and southeastern New York and New England, respectively, will likely experience heavy rain and flash flooding as Tropical Storm Fay moves towards the mainland US. Areas under Tropic Storm Warning (see information below) should expect potential storm surges and minor coastal flooding. Additionally, the NOAA warned that isolated tornadoes are possible over New Jersey, southeast New York, and southeastern New England. 

FEMA Guidance on Flash Flooding: Source

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides guidance for individuals impacted by the inclement weather brought about by tropical storms. It’s important to remember that flash floods can develop with little to no warning. It is imperative that individuals seek higher ground, and to avoid walking or driving in flood waters.  Individuals should heed the warnings of local authorities and remain safe as Tropical Storm Fay approaches. The Hagerty Blog Team will continue providing information and updates.

Public Advisories

Here’s the breakdown of public advisories from NOAA’s NHC in decreasing order of severity:

Tropical Storm Warning: 

  • Fenwick Island, Delaware 
  • Southern Delaware Bay
  • Coasts of New Jersey
  • New York, including Long Island and  Long Island Sound
  • Connecticut
  • Watch Hill, Rhode Island


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