Active Shooter Scenario


The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) had an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), but many of its components had never been validated.


UNCW requested a tabletop exercise (TTX) using an active shooter scenario (a workplace violence event with multiple casualties) to test the EOP. They also wanted the TTX to adhere to the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program protocols, also known as being HSEEP-compliant.


Hagerty created all of the documentation for the active shooter scenario. The Situation Manual and sequence of events dealt with all aspects of the event including Planning, Emergency Public Safety and Security Response, Citizen Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place, and Economic and Community Recovery. Each subject area included a list of related critical tasks, with much of the focus on alert notification, response and consequence management, and event recovery.


At the TTX, Hagerty led three successful modules with department leaders across the university. Inter-departmental discussions were encouraged and the client successfully validated their HSEEP-compliant EOP.