Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack Full-Scale Exercise


There were multiple strengths and areas of improvement identified through the CCTA TTX. The client requested a FSE to further enhance response and recovery plans, policies, and procedures in the county.


The client requested a full-scale exercise (FSE), leveraging the information gathered from the TTX, to further enhance the County’s ability to respond to and recover from a CCTA.


Hagerty planned for, developed, and executed a two-day FSE across four exercise sites that focused on active shooters, IEDs, hostage situations, radioactive material, decontamination, as well as the integration and communication of 14 emergency operation centers (EOCs) within the San Diego County region. This required developing the FSE scenario, objectives, and exercise material; identifying exercise site locations and logistic needs; and coordinating the exercise participants and support registration, safety requirements, and execution of the exercise.


Over 1,500 participants from nearly 80 agencies took part in this two-day, multisite FSE, identifying strengths and areas of improvement for county-wide response procedures. Many of the agencies involved have not previously had the opportunity to exercise together, which led to further collaboration within the community. This FSE was one of the largest to have occurred within the County.

Additional media coverage surrounding the exercise is available here.