Emergency Operation Plan Review and Update


Northwestern University, one of the nation’s top universities, asked Hagerty to review and update their existing emergency response framework (ERF) and plans.


Northwestern’s existing plans needed to be updated to meet the published policies and standards for national and Illinois-specific institutions of higher education.


The Hagerty team conducted a baseline analysis by comparing Northwestern’s existing ERF with national best practice plans for higher education. Next the team set up and conducted interviews with stakeholders throughout the university community, meeting with those whose job titles and responsibilities identified them in the ERF as having important roles to play in Northwestern’s emergency response. The team compared the stakeholders’ ‘as is’ understanding of their roles with what could be done to improve and augment the ERF.  A second part of the analysis included reviewing Northwestern’s Business Continuity Plan and associated roles and responsibilities. Finally, the team gathered all of their findings and recommendations and presented them to Northwestern’s executive staff in a report, along with a roadmap for plan strategy and development.


As a result of Hagerty’s report and recommendations, Northwestern’s executive staff authorized University Police to hire a full-time planner in the Emergency Preparedness Department. This planner will be tasked to implement Hagerty’s recommendations.