Mass Violence and Terrorism Recovery Planning


The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (OES) has an Operational Area (OA) Recovery Plan, however, it did not include recovery actions for mass violence or terrorism.


The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (OES) requested support to develop a functional, hazard-specific annex, referred to as the Post-Terrorism/Mass Violence Recovery Annex, to the Operational Area (OA) Recovery Plan to identify the recovery-related actions OA stakeholders should take to support the recovery efforts following a mass violence or terrorist incident.


Hagerty developed the Post-Terrorism/Mass Violence Recovery Annex by conducting best practice research; reviewing OA-related plans, policies and procedures; and convening a series of facilitated meetings with recovery stakeholders that included local, state, and federal-level, as well as public and private sector organizations.


The OA Post-Terrorism/Mass Violence Recovery Annex incorporates background information on mass violence and terrorism as it relates to the recovery process, discusses communication and information sharing issues associated with these incidents, identifies recovery focus areas as they apply to the recovery continuum, and outlines a series of reference guides for those recovery focus areas. Reference guides were created for each focus area, including reunification, family assistance, donations management, continuity of operations, restoration of health and human services, mental and behavioral health, environmental health, community outreach, cost recovery, economic recovery, and recovery monitoring. For each reference guide, the primary recovery objectives, suggested agencies, systems and communication tools, operational actions, preparedness activities, and support material are outlined.

The annex that has been developed will remain a living document that is updated by OES, as needed.