Mid-America Regional Council Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack Exercise Series


In preparation for a multi-year CCTA program taking place in the Kansas City metropolitan area, a number of exercises were needed to gauge the regional readiness and capabilities that would be used in the response to a CCTA. The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the metropolitan planning organization for the bistate Kansas City metropolitan area, sought support in the development and facilitation an exercise series to validate plans, policies, and procedures related to the integrated response to a complex coordinated terrorist attack (CCTA).


MARC requested support in the development and execution of two tabletop exercise (TTXs) and one limited full-scale exercise (FSE) that focused on how regional EMS, hospital, law enforcement, emergency management and MARC to address known capability gaps and to increase coordination amongst key agencies.


Over the course of four months, Hagerty led the design and management of two TTXs that incorporated both lecture-based training opportunities on a number of capabilities used in the response to a CCTA, including the deployment of Rescue Task Force (teams), information sharing tools, and regional coordination plans for mass casualty and mass fatality incidents.  The TTXs were followed by a limited FSE that included 27 hospitals across the region testing the medical response to a CCTA.


The two TTXs were facilitated in September 2017, and the limited FSE took place in October 2017.  Participating agencies and organizations identified multiple strengths and areas for improvement that will continue to be enhanced through additional training and exercise.