At Hagerty, we understand and support business and governments with critical missions that must stay operational in good times and bad. Towns, cities, states, and the nation have taken unprecedented steps to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Through the leadership and expertise offered by our subject matter experts, Hagerty has been preparing for this possibility since mid-January of 2020.

Our Leadership Team has taken ongoing action to help protect the safety of our employees, consultants, and clients. This includes working directly with our clients to modify and shift our operations alongside theirs by remaining flexible and responsive, identifying opportunities to continue to pursue their objectives via remote support, and in some cases embedding in their response operation.

Hagerty is fully operational, with the majority of our professionals working on a remote basis and leveraging available technology to facilitate meetings, share documents and resources, and execute tasks directly aligned to the mission of our projects and clients.

We have and will continue to ask ourselves – what are the critical functions of our business that will enable us to support our clients? How can we be in the best position to partner with communities across the US as they address both the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and other disaster activity, such as severe weather, floods, earthquakes, and potentially hurricanes? How can we ensure our trusted advisors are there when our clients need them most? By challenging ourselves, we seek to ensure a continued commitment to our clients and our communities.

Should any client of Hagerty, potential client, or partner require our support, do not hesitate to reach out to our Leadership Team. We are also providing regular updates on our blog focused on both COVID-19 and other critical developments in the emergency management community.

Be safe. Be smart. Be prepared. Be well.

Image source: CDC