Ashley Wargo

Ashley Wargo

What attracted you to the emergency management field?

I grew up on the southeast coast of Florida and lived through one active hurricane season after another. While I enjoyed “Hurricane Days” off from school and was fascinated by the unbridled force of these storms, I also witnessed first-hand what a lack of preparation in communities can do and what it takes to rebuild a community that has been nearly leveled.  Emergency management encompasses all the steps we need to take to have a better prepared, more stable future and I started working in this field to be able to play some role, even if it is a small one, in helping to make those steps happen.

Describe what you do on a ‘typical’ day.

A ‘typical’ day is usually rather atypical!  Normally, I divide the day up based on what projects I am working on, their deadlines, and how much time I think each will take.  Often this means a combination of exercise development, plan development and internal work, depending on the day.  More often than not, my plan changes multiple times throughout the day, but that keeps life interesting.

How would you describe the culture at Hagerty?

Passionate and team-centric—One of my absolute favorite things about Hagerty is the strong focus on teamwork.  Everything we accomplish, we accomplish together.  We build each other up and we make each other better.  Our team is passionate about what we try to accomplish and it makes for an incredibly motivating environment.

What types of people do you suppose are a good fit to work at Hagerty?

Team players mixed with a bit of an over-achiever.  We do most everything as a team, with each member taking responsibility for certain aspects. I say over-achiever because we are always working to be better than we were the day before, whether that is through learning something new, or expanding on something we have done in the past.  We strive to be great on our own as a way of increasing the strength of our team, so we are continually learning and growing.

How have you changed personally or professionally since you started working at Hagerty?

In both aspects, I have learned to push myself more than I have before.  Professionally, I am almost constantly being exposed to a new area of the field, or a new way of doing an old task–I love that part.  Personally, I have become much more independent.  If someone had told me a year ago that I would soon be moving to a state where I could count everyone I know on a single hand, I would not have believed them.  Honestly, I probably would have thought they were crazy, but our team is incredibly supportive and it is surprising what you are capable of as an individual when you have such a strong backing.

What effect has your work at Hagerty had on your future professional aspirations?

Working on a variety of projects with Hagerty has helped me to see what niches of emergency management I fit into best.  My future professional aspirations have become much more focused and I am beginning to see what role I will play in this field.

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