David Schuld


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  • Air Command and Staff College
  • Master of Public Policy - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science - John Carroll University


  • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, ICS-300/ICS-400, Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Training, Rapid Deployment Training, Rescue Task Force Training

David Schuld

Deputy Director of Preparedness

Mr. David Schuld, Deputy Director of Preparedness, has directly managed various disaster responses, political crises, and business continuity projects over the past fourteen years. He has a wide spectrum of experience including managing Hagerty’s portfolio of security and threat management clients. This work includes leading planning, training, exercises, and community outreach efforts for numerous organizational securities, intelligence, and Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) programs. David also created and leads Hagerty’s Hunter Seeker Program, our firm’s flagship exercise series focused on the preparedness for and prevention of terrorist attacks and other critical incidents. Given his extensive experience in the homeland security and emergency preparedness, David is an expert in law enforcement response; investigative and special operations; crisis leadership; Notification, Reception, Reunification Operations (NRRO); and intelligence and information sharing.

Throughout his career, David has implemented policies as well as managed projects and crises in the United States (US) and abroad. He has also developed global partnerships with public safety and law enforcement agencies, at all levels of government, to develop more effective plans and training to prevent, respond, and recover from active threat events.

Prior to joining Hagerty, David served the European Parliament as a policy analyst on counter-piracy operations in the Horn of Africa and as assistant to the Special Advisor of Transatlantic Relations. Before that, he was a military legislative assistant to a US House of Representatives member. David also served the British government as a political advisor to the Head of the British Army in the US, as well as a crisis management advisor to the British Ambassador to the US where he helped coordinate  information sharing activities in support of an intelligence alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, known as The Five Eyes.

David completed his undergraduate degree in political science at John Carroll University (Ohio) and his Master’s in Public Policy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Air Command and Staff College (US Air Force). He is currently working towards his Master of Science in Covert Investigation and Specialist Intelligence at Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom). He also currently serves as Chair of the International Public Safety Association (IPSA)’s Terrorism & Counterterrorism Section, and Vice-Chair of the Intelligence and Investigation Working Group of the All-Hazards Incident Management Association.

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