Hazard Mitigation Planning

While some may view mitigation plans or mitigation plan updates as an exercise in compliance, Hagerty views these projects as opportunities to build a vision for a community’s resilience, venues to enhance stakeholder collaboration, and ways applicants and sub-applicants can further development of shovel-ready projects. Hagerty works with states, local governments, tribes, and territories (SLTT) to extend beyond Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements and craft a living guide for mitigation priorities, a roadmap to a community’s resilience.

What We Do

Hazard analysis can be achieved in numerous ways, and Hagerty works with clients to determine the preferred path to understanding a community’s risks through traditional HAZUS means through geographic information systems (GIS) and in more non-traditional ways. As there are different approaches to successful hazard analysis, there are also numerous approaches to the final form that a plan might take. Hagerty has worked with clients to innovate the way mitigation plans are presented with the aim of creating a workable tool for a community to chart a strong path forward.