Logistics Management

As we consider large-scale catastrophic response operations over the past 15 years, the ability to get resources into and around communities is critical to protect life and safety as well as to sustain the response. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized this when they developed the Community Lifelines concept, which prioritizes the stabilization of infrastructure required to move critical supplies during a disaster. Hagerty has the logistics and supply chain expertise to help our clients identify, order, receive, store, and distribute critical response commodities.

Our Approach

Our professionals have worked with our clients to: secure resources to protect first responders during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19); identify vendors to provide critical response supplies; research potential supply chain disruptions and associated resource shortfalls due to disaster events; and serve as Logistics Section Chiefs and Deputy Section Chiefs in Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) during large-scale disaster responses. Additionally, we have provided personnel to support warehousing operations, including record keeping, shipping, and receiving.

Whether you need expertise to analyze supply chain vulnerabilities, seasoned leaders to help manage logistics operations, or experienced personnel to support warehousing operations, Hagerty is ready to help.