Capabilities Assessment

Capabilities Assessment

A capabilities assessment will help you determine your organization’s state of readiness. Every emergency, regardless of the type or scale of an incident, demands resources. Resources include personnel, supplies, and equipment. All of them are needed to effectively manage the emergency.

Despite this inevitable demand, adequately estimating resource needs based on emergency response operations, and defining capabilities to handle those needs, are tasks that too often are left unfinished or ignored. That is a gap that Hagerty fills.

Our Method

Hagerty takes a multi-step approach working with clients to accomplish effective capabilities assessments. By identifying resource needs, collecting targeted capabilities, and establishing resource gaps, our team provides recommendations about how to strategically move forward and reduce the identified gaps. The final product delivered to our clients is a comprehensive report detailing a 360-degree view with predicted needs, capabilities, shortfalls, and recommended next steps.

Our Capabilities Assessment Experience

Hagerty has worked with a wide range of clients to assist them with establishing a realistic picture of their resource capabilities and operational gaps.  Our experience extends from working at the federal level to establish all-hazards and hazard-specific capabilities throughout the country, to working with local jurisdictions to identify capabilities within specific functional areas such as household pet sheltering, emergency feeding, and evacuations.

Read about one example of our work in this area here. To learn how resource assessments can be taken to the next level of emergency preparedness,  read about our experience developing Mission Ready Packages. Whatever your situation is, don’t be intimidated by what you imagine your organization’s resource gaps to be. Take action to deal with that fear.