A secure cyber network requires strong internal information technology policies, strategies, and standards. Just as emergency management does not start or end with an incident, cybersecurity is an ongoing continuum of preparing, detecting and assessing, responding, and recovering. Sound cyber plans demand training and exercising as well as learning from past efforts in recovery.

At Hagerty Consulting, we work with a client’s leadership team, emergency managers, and Information Technology (IT) staff to prepare for cyber incidents. We help emergency managers understand why it is important to stay involved in the cyber conversation, to prepare for a cyber incident, and to understand how authorities with overlapping and competing jurisdictions will interact.

When cybersecurity is at stake, we encourage clients to reach out across the organization: cybersecurity demands a level of compliance unfamiliar to most business units. Hagerty will lead efforts to assess vulnerabilities, strengthen existing plans, and train and exercise the reinforced plans. Our experience emphasizes the importance of identifying external and internal threats as well as assessing and protecting assets.

Detecting security breaches and responding to a security incident is the focus of IT specialists and law enforcement officials. It may also require cooperation with various entities such as computer network operations specialists, the military, and the intelligence community.

Clients rely on Hagerty’s experienced associates and partners to develop, lead, and enhance cyber preparedness planning, cyber-specific training and exercises, and public information campaigns and awareness seminars. We help clients recover with stronger policies and resilient activities.

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