HSEEP-Certified Training and Exercise Services

HSEEP-Certified Training and Exercise Services

Hagerty provides Homeland Security Exercise and Education Program, also called HSEEP-certified, training and exercise services to address your jurisdiction’s specific needs. These are the national standards for training and exercising emergency management plans and processes. There are many benefits to HSEEP-certified training and exercising programs:

  • Keep skills fresh;
  • Validate a jurisdiction’s plans, assumptions, and agreements;
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities;
  • Identify vulnerabilities and needed improvements in a risk-free environment; and
  • Strengthen working relationships with response partners.

We provide the people and skills to design customized, HSEEP-certified training and exercises to address your jurisdiction’s or organization’s specific needs. The breadth of our expertise spans from workshops allowing plan validation to full-scale exercises that engage an entire community of response partners. Read about some of our experience here and here.

Working with you, we will facilitate planning meetings; develop written materials and presentations;  and develop scenarios taking into account local culture and events, risks, and hazards. We will identify and engage appropriate stakeholders for planning and participation; conduct, control, facilitate, and evaluate your exercises; and engage participants/players with compelling scenario details.

Our exercise team will evaluate your exercises using federal Core Capabilities, other appropriate capabilities (e.g. Public Health Preparedness, Healthcare Preparedness), as well as your own plans and procedures.  We write the after-action reports and develop improvement plans with stakeholder input.

Additionally, Hagerty is innovative. We integrate technology, social media, and web-based learning to our work, including our proprietary, web-based platform for privately practicing social media, EMSocialSimulation.

A HSEEP-certified training or exercise is an essential component of any disaster management plan.