Mass Care and Shelter

Mass Care and Shelter

Mass care and shelter is the process of taking care of a large number of people — sometimes thousands of people — at what may be the worst time in their lives. They may have lost every material possession. They may be displaced from their homes. Each person will require food, water, and shelter; many will require clothing and basic supplies.

Everyone is Welcome

In a mass care and shelter event, the crowds will include infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with medical issues, and those with pets. Many of these sub-groups are included in the category ‘access and functional needs.’ In addition to their everyday issues and needs, there is the added stress that comes with any disaster.  They are dealing with loss: loss of routine, loss of things, and possibly the loss of friends or loved ones.

We Prepare for Complexity

Hagerty helps clients identify needs, gaps in resources, and assets to develop realistic and comprehensive plans for setting up, supplying, staffing, maintaining, and phasing out shelter plans for displaced persons. We help design and implement registration procedures, family notifications, school enrollment, relocation and more.

Mass care and shelter is a huge undertaking typically involving many agencies and departments. Regardless if your jurisdiction wants to develop a new plan or update the old one, we can help you meet and exceed your legal and humanitarian obligations. Read about some of our work here.