Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

Pre-disaster recovery plans increase the speed of recovery. With resilience and mitigation part of a recovery strategy, a community can come back stronger.

We recognize it is impossible to plan in advance for every disaster recovery effort a community may need to undertake. But all communities will face similar organizational and policy issues in a disaster recovery environment, regardless of the destruction. That is the essence of pre-disaster recovery planning.

Before that disaster, Hagerty helps jurisdictions establish organizational frameworks and develop policies that guide the long and difficult recovery phase. These pre-disaster recovery plans are designed to increase the speed of recovery. The plans that are best able to integrate resilience and mitigation into recovery and redevelopment strategies will ultimately help a community come back stronger. This advance planning requires involvement of numerous organization stakeholders, as well as significant public participation.

Organizations may consider the following before a disaster:

  • Post-disaster governance and financial management planning
  • Cost recovery planning
  • Recovery operations planning
  • Damage assessment planning
  • Economic recovery planning
  • Redevelopment standards development
  • Environmental restoration and recovery planning
  • Cultural resources recovery planning
  • Infrastructure and transportation recovery planning
  • Health and social recovery planning

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Our business is helping you recover quickly and recover stronger. Pre-disaster recovery planning is one way to make that happen.