Sheltering Household Pets

Sheltering Household Pets

Household Pets
Packed up and ready to evacuate!

Sheltering household pets is its own sub-specialty within emergency management. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is authorized to provide for the rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs for household pets and service animals following a disaster. Service animals are routinely sheltered with their owners, but beloved dogs and cats have no such luck.

While state and local governments—not contractors or private non-profits (PNP)—are the only eligible applicants for rescuing and sheltering household pets, it is possible to secure reimbursement for a contractor or PNP performing those functions on behalf of the state or local governments. The same holds true for state and local governments that receive evacuees from a declared disaster or emergency.

Hagerty has worked with state and local governments on animal shelter disaster planning, community outreach to pet owners about disaster readiness, and working with the community to return pets to their rightful owners after a disaster.

Don’t let the four-legged family members get lost during an emergency. We’ve helped other clients develop pet evacuation procedures and plan for sheltering household pets, and we can do the same for you, too. Read about them here and here.