Engineering and Construction Management

Engineering and Construction Management

Imagine rebuilding a store or office building after a disaster.

Then multiply that one project by thousands.

That is what happens when Hagerty helps clients rebuild cities. It is the nature of engineering and construction management. We work with local engineers, architects, builders, environmentalists, historic preservationists, and other tradespeople to tackle rebuilding on an immense scale, but doing it in such a way that mitigates future disasters whenever possible. We follow federal guidelines and community standards, and try to incorporate citizenry whenever possible.

We try to break the cyclical nature of some disasters. Read about one successful project here.

Hagerty professionals look at the entire scope of the project in order to envision what could be instead of automatically rebuilding what was just lost. We communicate our vision to clients and the communities with whom we work. We value the past and honor it through our work, but we live in the present. We also believe in the future—and any future brings change. We will help you be the change you want, but also the change you need.