Recovery Management

Recovery Management

Disaster recovery is hard work. It is physically challenging, emotionally draining, mentally taxing, and financially overwhelming. It also forces change on a community: people move away, altering friendships and inadvertently severing relationships; some businesses are never able to reopen while other, new services, crop up; neighborhoods shift in location and populace; schools lose students and teachers, which affects the tax base and the amount of funding available.

That is why you need Hagerty.

Hagerty professionals manage large-scale recovery projects for a living. Think 9/11. Katrina. Superstorm Sandy. We are not blasé by any means, but we have seen this — whatever your ‘this’ is — before. More importantly, we are not shellshocked.  That alone inspires confidence.

Recovery management is half of our stated mission. Hagerty Consulting helps people prepare for and recover from disasters. There are many subsets of preparedness and recovery, but recovery management is part of our core. We know how to organize temporary housing so evacuated neighbors have an incentive to return. We will work with you to develop a debris removal plan so roads and highways open up. We know how to expedite the building and construction projects so city services like police, fire, and utilities are restored and homes get built efficiently and safely. And of course, we know how to document every transaction, fill out the forms and paperwork, and get federal and state grants approved.

Do not leave your jurisdiction’s disaster recovery to anyone other than a trusted group of professionals. Partner with people you can trust to do the right thing on your behalf. Partner with Hagerty.