Hagerty has multiple standby agreements with local, regional, and state agencies that allow us to support emergency preparedness, response, and recovery missions across the nation. Hagerty is available directly to public sector agencies through the following federal and contracts and cooperative purchasing agreements.

For additional information and questions about our contracts, or to learn how to set up a standby agreement for emergency management services, please contact Katie Freeman, Director of Operations. Her direct phone number in the Evanston office is 847-492-8454, x119.

Hagerty is available directly to public sector agencies through the following federal and state contracts.

Federal Contracts

GSA PSS Contract (#GS-00F-334CA)

During 2015, GSA completed a migration process where holders of multiple award schedules offering professional services were moved to a single consolidated schedule called the Professional Services Schedule. This new solution offers customers a more streamlined approach to procuring complex professional services while offering shorter lead times, lower administrative costs, more flexibility, and the ability to retain control of their own procurement. Hagerty continues to offer the special item numbers (SINs) previously offered under the separate GSA MOBIS and FABS contracts, as listed below:

  • 874-1: Integrated Consulting Services
  • 874-1RC: Integrated Consulting Services
  • 874-7: Integrated Business Program Support Services
  • 874-7RC: Integrated Business Program Support Services
  • 520-11: Accounting
  • 520-11RC: Accounting
  • 520-13: Complementary Financial Management Services
  • 520-13RC: Complementary Financial Management Services

SINs with the “RC” designation allow state and local governments’ access to purchase from GSA Schedules in preparation for all disasters as well as recovery from major disasters declared by the President, or recovery from terrorism, nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attacks.

State, Local, and University Contracts

Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) HSEEP Contract

CA DGS CMAS Contract

Hagerty is highlighted on the California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) list in the following areas:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Program Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Performance Review
  • Homeland Security Services

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RI EMA) Contract (#MPA-388)

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

HGACBuy Contract HP08-17

Hagerty is a contractor under the Houston – Galveston Area Council of Government’s All Hazards Planning, Consulting, and Recovery Services Contract HP08-17. HGACBuy allows agencies across the nation to access emergency management contract support, decreasing time, effort, and resources associated with the procurement process. Information about HGACBuy contracts and becoming an end user can be found on their website at Hagerty’s services under HGACBuy can be viewed here.