Mass Care and Sheltering Support

Large scale disasters can result in massive displacement – and taking care of these evacuated families is one of the most pressing challenges for emergency managers. We are proud that our clients frequently entrust us to help them develop mass care plans, support Emergency Support Function (ESF)-6 response operations, and develop and implement feeding programs.

Our Approach

Hagerty’s expertise includes family reunification, medical shelter establishment, support for families with access and functional needs, and design and implementation of non-congregate shelter and feeding programs. Our teams develop mass care and shelter plans, craft standard operating procedures (SOPs), and ensure the provision of wrap-around services in either a congregate or non-congregate environment. Whether through staff augmentation or strategic advisory support for mass care, our teams stand ready to deploy in key functions, including ESF-6 Coordinator, Shelter Manager, and/ or Access and Function Needs Advisor to help our clients care for displaced residents.

At Hagerty, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop and implement innovative shelter and care solutions to increase capacity, improve the delivery of services, and ease the transition to longer term housing solutions. We have worked closely with clients to implement massive food delivery programs as part of comprehensive COVID-19 response, non-congregate shelter programs following coastal storms, and rapid repair programs to reduce the need for temporary shelters.

Let us work with you to plan and implement effective mass care and shelter programs to benefit disaster survivors.