Assistance with Post-Hurricane Disaster Reimbursement Claim


As a direct result of Hurricane Ike, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston County’s largest employer, sustained significant damage to over 150 buildings. FEMA’s Office of Corporate Counsel determined that a large emergency repair contract did not adhere to federal procurement rules (44 CFR, Part 13).


UTMB’s $127.4M disaster reimbursement claim submitted to FEMA was at risk of being denied or substantially reduced. They needed assistance with their post-hurricane disaster reimbursement claim.


Hagerty mobilized several accountants with extensive FEMA public assistance experience to conduct a financial and eligibility review. To substantiate UTMB’s claim and ensure reimbursement of all eligible reasonable costs, Hagerty reviewed 170 Category B Project Worksheets, 3300 invoices, and expenses related to overtime, travel, supplies, and materials.


As a result of Hagerty’s work, UTMB’s claim passed a state audit and has not undergone an audit by the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG). Hagerty concluded 87%, or $111.0M, of UTMB’s $127.4M disaster claim should be reimbursed.