Gap Program Support


Provide technical and program support to FEMA’s Gap Analysis Program (GAP).


The GAP is intended to proactively identify the unmet resources and capabilities of a state to respond to a particular disaster hazard (e.g., a Category 3 hurricane), and address those gaps.


Hagerty conducted an in-depth program review and developed several critical documents, tools, and trainings, including:

  • A GAP Guidance Document, approved by the Acting Administrator;
  • Excel and Access databases were used to create a GAP Data Collection and Analysis Tool (DCAT), to help standardize the method by which resource and capability data is collected, analyzed, and reported; and,
  • A GAP tool kit comprised of introductory letters to the program, an implementation checklist, an overview of the GAP reporting process, and an after action template.


As a result of Hagerty’s work on this project, the client adopted several recommended changes to the program. Greater transparency now exists into the capabilities and resources of local governments, as well as the needs that may exist after certain types of disasters. This information allows the federal government to take proactive steps to address those potential needs or implement procedures to address those needs immediately after a disaster, such as pre-written mission assignments.


The client exercised all option periods of the contract and issued multiple modifications to increase funding.