Information Management

Information Management

Information management is about organizing, storing, and accessing large amounts of data in such a way as to be available and usable to the people who need the information.

We’ve developed innovative ways to help clients track project deadlines, budgetary spreadsheets, grant funding, and experience of available staff. We know how to evaluate, categorize, store, and recall thousands of program and project expenses that comply with FEMA and other federal mandates. Our work has been proven to improve jurisdictions’ ability to receive timely and maximal federal disaster reimbursements.

Snapshot: Our Experience With Hurricane Katrina

Hagerty professionals harnessed the power of information management during the recovery phase following Hurricane Katrina.

Situation: As a result of the hurricane, millions of people were displaced from New Orleans and the surrounding communities. Government officials had no clear picture where these people were or where they had gone.

Need: The overall picture was important because it affected tax revenues, school attendance, healthcare services — virtually every phase of life in New Orleans was affected in one way or another.

Solution: One of Hagerty’s project executives compiled thousands of data points from different sources and was able to show on a map, with certainty, where these displaced individuals were now living. The resulting map included every state in the nation as well as a small percentage of people who left the country.

Outcome: While the results were sobering, the information shown enabled city officials to plan with realistic numbers and kick started efforts to help bring the New Orleans diaspora home.

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