Hagerty’s recovery capabilities are broadly grouped into three complementary areas: Program Management and Implementation; Financial and Data Management; and Federal Disaster Programs. Clients benefit from each in different ways.


Disaster recovery comes on the heels of a community’s worst day; and, often, recovery is only possible with assistance from the federal government. Therefore, recovery program management and implementation include understanding immediate and long-term needs, considering impacted populations, and identifying available resources to help rebuild in the event of a Presidentially Declared Disaster.

Hagerty works with our clients to find and access every available funding source in a recovery. We are subject matter experts in many federal recovery policies and grant programs recognized for our novel approach to problems and innovative solutions that help our clients recover faster. Additionally, our ideas are frequently embraced by our colleagues throughout government and recognized for the efficiencies they generate.


Documentation rules associated with federal grants are complex and often require a team to manage the compliance process. Hagerty teams are innovative, technically astute, and knowledgeable about both data management processes and best practices. We know what information to look for and where to find it. We use this data to develop informative and meaningful reports which clearly articulate critical information that help our clients in the decision-making process of recovery.

We give our clients the necessary information to succeed in a post-disaster environment and to better position themselves to respond to future disaster events. Throughout every stage of the engagement, we teach our clients essential recovery best practices in preparation for future disasters.


The federal government is organized to assist local, state, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments with financial assistance in the event of a disaster. There are many different forms of federal assistance and Hagerty has deep, nuanced experience with each of these resources. The specific sources of the grants are diverse and include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Department of Transportation (DOT), to name a few.

Federal funding is provided to jurisdictions after applications are filed, forms completed, budgets estimated, and deadlines met. The process is complicated but eased with excellent advice and assistance. Hagerty professionals understand and know the rules, and we have years of experience advocating for and negotiating on behalf of our clients. The results of our work — the billions of dollars we have helped secure for our clients — is proof of our success and expertise in working with government programs.


While the bulk of our recovery work is contracted after a disaster, we also work with clients before a disaster to develop long-term recovery plans and redevelopment plans. We recommend clients consider establishing comprehensive Stand-By Recovery Contracts, which allow an entity to procure stand-by support services proactively, in advance of a disaster, at no cost to the community until the contract is activated.