Disaster Declarations

Major Disaster Declarations are requested by the governor of a state through the corresponding regional Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) office; ultimately the declaration is issued by the President of the United States. Major Disaster Declarations may apply to any natural event or any fire, flood, or explosion creating significant, even catastrophic, damage across many jurisdictions. Once the severity and financial burden exceeds the local capabilities, the federal government is called upon to assist and provide additional resources. After the declaration is approved, it frees up federal funds for response and recovery, which are offered through various programs. Often, federal funding is available for both emergency and permanent work.

Federal financial support after a disaster comes with a stack of rules, regulations, forms, and procedures. It is difficult to understand and maneuver, but possible with the right people on your team. Our professionals understand the nuances of Major Disaster Declarations as well as how to apply for the funds once the declaration is approved.


Managing disaster recovery grants is administratively challenging and opportunities for non-compliance abound. Many of these federal grants and loans require expertise in financial management, program evaluation, and project management. Moreover, grant writing is a skill and an art. Do not let onerous and complex requirements deter you from pursuing grant funding and loans. With the right assistance, the benefits easily exceed the time and effort.

With decades of experience writing, managing, and evaluating grants and loans, Hagerty professionals possess the required skills to make our clients successful. We know how to capture the unique needs of your jurisdiction and match them with appropriate funding sources and will educate you about the eligibility requirements and application processes. Our professional will help you write a compelling case for your specific project and manage any funds received. Furthermore, we have experience developing project tracking software to manage all phases of projects, from dates and deliveries to worksheets and receipts to ensure grant compliance.

At the end of a grant’s life cycle, we ensure the closeout process is transparent and seamless – accounting for all the expenses made with the federal share your organization received, including the funds your organization matched to make certain you receive the federal reimbursements you are owed.

As with every assignment, we work for our clients to achieve the maximum amount allowable within the regulatory guidelines. We deliver cost-effective results – ensuring your jurisdiction complies with the required rules to minimize any adverse impacts on your project due to non-compliance. You can read about some of our successes here and here.