HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery — or CDBG-DR as it is commonly known — refers to federal funding for long-term disaster recovery. Funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), CDBG-DR supports a broad range of disaster recovery activities for communities.

There are many examples of how to use CDBG-DR funds, but primarily the monies are allocated toward three types of expenditures:

  • Rehabilitate and Reconstruct Housing/New Housing Development
  • Infrastructure and Public Facilities (often used as local match)
  • Economic Revitalization


Hagerty Consulting has an experienced and seasoned team of CDBG-DR subject matter experts available to provide program design, startup and long-term management, training, and technical assistance to state or local recipients of these HUD funds.

Hagerty’s team has an extensive background in managing CDBG-DR funds  as a result of multiple engagements over the past 15 years encompassing recovery efforts from hurricanes, training needed to launch these programs successfully, build the right infrastructure for each jurisdiction, and deliver a comprehensive recovery. 

As outlined below, Hagerty has assisted jurisdictions in their capacity as direct grantees of CDBG-DR funding as well as cases where they are subrecipients.


  • New York City – Hagerty is the prime contractor for NYC’s Hurricane Sandy Recovery. As the primary grants’ manager for this engagement, Hagerty is overseeing a combined federal recovery of more than $15 billion, including $4.5 billion of CDBG-DR awarded to NYC.
  • State of Nebraska – Hagerty is working with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to develop its CDBG-DR Action Plan for the use of $109 million awarded in response to the extensive flooding the State experienced in the winter/spring of 2019.  


  • City of Santa Rosa, CA – Hagerty is currently supporting the City as it recovers from the impacts of the 2017 Tubbs wildfire which destroyed more than 5,000 housing units. The City is a CDBG-DR subrecipient of the State of California and Hagerty guided the City in securing funding for a vital multifamily housing construction program.  
  • Montgomery County, TX – Hagerty has assisted the County in developing applications for CDBG-Mitigation funding administered through the Texas General Land Office. Hagerty professionals evaluated the opportunity, prepared five applications in coordination with County staff and are poised to assist with implementation if funded.   
  • Longmont and Boulder County, CO – Following severe flooding in 2013, the city and County received CDBG-DR funds through the State of Colorado. Hagerty aided these jurisdictions in development of the Unmet Needs Assessments (UNA), Action Plan development, and ongoing programmatic support. This includes developing CDBG-DR policies and procedures for the City and County and supporting both jurisdictions for reviews by the State and HUD.