Finance Administration & Cost Accounting Support

At Hagerty, we know that sound financial management and real-time cost tracking is critical to response success – and can make or break the recovery that follows. Complying with procurement guidelines, following administrative procedures, and recording costs can be challenging during the heat of response, but it could not be more important.

Ensuring costs are accurately captured in real-time helps communities receive reimbursement for those costs from federal recovery programs once a major disaster is declared. When resources and budgets are already constrained, every penny that can be reimbursed from disaster recovery grant programs goes a long way. 

Hagerty Can Help

Hagerty’s advantage is our deep knowledge of federal recovery grant programs, and the steps our clients need to take to comply with grant requirements starting even before the response is initiated. Our professionals have increased disaster recovery reimbursement for our clients by over $3 billion.

Our professionals are financial management experts – accountants, and grant management specialists that can help clients effectively manage their financial and administrative functions during a disaster. Our team can lead and support finance administration during an emergency response and have a deep understanding of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) Program – the primary vehicle through which federal disaster recovery assistance is provided for emergency costs.

We work with our clients directly to ensure that costs are accurately documented in alignment with local, state, and federal regulations, and that those costs are clearly tied to the emergency work performed to facilitate federal reimbursement. Moreover, Hagerty can set up, improve, and/or manage cost tracking systems, provide advice on procurement, assist with budgeting and financial management, and develop policies and procedures to enable efficient implementation of financial and administration functions.

Let us help you start on the right track.