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Hurricane Delta Impacted the Gulf Coast on Friday Evening, Now a Post-tropical Cyclone Bringing Heavy Rain to the East Coast


Delta, now a post-tropical cyclone, is heading east, bringing heavy rain to the Mid-Atlantic throughout the early part of this week.

Delta’s Path: Source

On Friday evening, Hurricane Delta brought life-threatening storm surge to the southwestern Louisiana coast. This year alone, Louisiana has had four named storms impact the state. Moreover, Delta was the state’s second landfalling hurricane in the past six weeks. As a result, many families displaced from Hurricane Laura were still living in shelters as Delta made landfall. As of Saturday morning, there were nearly 9,500 Louisiana residents in shelters from Hurricanes Laura and Delta combined. Presently, thousands remain without power across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. As of Sunday evening, two fatalities  in Louisiana were reportedly linked to the storm. Additionally, in Georgia, intense rain and flash flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Delta may have caused a train derailment that sparked a fire and caused evacuations within a half mile of the location of the spill. 

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Mayor Nic Hunter of Lake Charles, Louisiana stated, “Add Laura and Delta together and it’s just absolutely unprecedented and catastrophic. We are very concerned that with everything going in the country right now that this incident may not be on the radar nationally like it should be.” On Sunday, representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) were out surveying the damage across the state.

Rainfall from Delta: Source

As Delta dissipates over the next several days, individuals should continue to stay vigilant and heed warnings about heavy rain, flash flooding, and rapid temperature changes. Additionally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns residents of southwest Louisiana to beware of heavy fog, low clouds, and poor visibility while driving.  

The National Weather Services (NWS) offers advice and guidance for those about to experience, currently being impacted by, or previously affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. Individuals at-risk are encouraged to secure their home, remain up-to-date with information and follow guidance issued by local officials.

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