Mitigation & Resilience

Natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and magnitude. Coupled with the country’s aging infrastructure, and continued growth in urban areas, impacts from disasters are becoming more severe, especially as we adapt to an ever-changing climate.

A community’s resilience is not a static target – shocks and stressors in a community will inevitably evolve over time. A community’s resilience must rely upon action, implementing resilience, and actively revisiting measurements, goals, and objectives, to ensure the path taken is the ultimate path desired; and if not, how to course correct. A community will never be fully resilient, but it should always aim to reach resilience.

Our professionals offer extensive pre- and post-disaster support to private and public sector clients seeking to mitigate against disasters and build resilience. Hagerty accomplishes your goals with a systemic approach focused on both compliance and the interconnected relationships between different community programs to achieve a holistic vision. We help clients plan for the cascading impacts one system can have on another and design programs to help you mitigate against and strengthen critical gaps.

Hagerty has decades of experience with numerous federal, state, and private mitigation and resilience-related grant programs. Shifting the focus away from reactive disaster spending, Hagerty coordinates with clients in planning and implementation to identify and develop opportunities for research-supported, proactive investments in community resilience, resulting in holistic visions for recovery and shovel-ready projects.