Pre- & Post-Disaster Recovery Planning

Our business is helping you recover quickly and stronger. But to do so effectively is a complicated matter. Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery Plans are a tool communities can use to achieve such an end.


Pre-Disaster Recovery Plans provide communities the tools to increase the speed and resilience of recovery. Before the disaster, Hagerty helps jurisdictions establish organizational governance and supporting frameworks with policies that guide the long and difficult recovery phase. These Pre-Disaster Recovery Plans are designed to enhance the participation of and increase the speed of recovery for Community Lifelines and other systems essential to the re-establishment and resilient rebuilding of a community. Hagerty’s experience in pre-disaster recovery planning spans from National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) based strategic focus to more tactical planning, including cost recovery, intermediate- and long-term housing recovery solutions, and spending framework development. Hagerty’s support includes planning, training and exercises for clients – and examples of our work can be found here.


Post-disaster, communities need support to identify needs caused or exacerbated by the disaster and provide a prioritized approach to resilience and recovery. Hagerty has worked with states and localities to generate comprehensive Post-Disaster Recovery Plans using existing governance structures or by building governance structures for comprehensive recovery considerations. Building impact assessments and translating them into Unmet Needs Assessments, Hagerty generates Long-Term Recovery Plans and/or Action Plans under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Knowing community engagement is the only way to effectively build consensus towards a community’s resilience, Hagerty has served as facilitators and capacity builders to achieve effective and equitable engagement in a post-disaster environment.

Hagerty Can Help

Whether a community is looking to better prepare for recovery and resilience, or establish strategic goals for an effective recovery following an event, Hagerty’s professionals have and will continue to provide the right tools to partners in Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery Planning.