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Hurricane Dorian Now an Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane


After days of slowing in forward momentum and gathering strength, Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 4 hurricane. Guidance continues to show an eastward trend in Dorian’s path as it swings north, with the 11am EST National Hurricane Center update showing that Dorian won’t even make landfall in Florida (though severe impacts are still anticipated). This new information has prompted the governors of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to join Florida’s Governor DeSantis in declaring a State of Emergency.

NOAA 10-Hour Time-lapse of Hurricane Dorian’s TrackSource: Source: NOAA GOES-East

At this time, Hurricane Dorian continues to move west towards the Bahamas. Dorian is expected to remain an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane, bringing hurricane-force winds, life-threatening storm surge, and severe inland flooding.

South Florida Water Management District – Global Model OutputSource: SFWMD.gov

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides a checklist for preparing for a hurricane.  Do not wait, as Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in the next few days, it is important to make a hurricane plan today. Residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are encouraged to monitor this storm as it approaches the mainland and heed the warnings of local officials. For communities preparing to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Dorian, Hagerty’s Executive Chairman Brock Long shares lessons learned from Hurricane Irma. The Hagerty Blog Team will continue providing information and updates.

Source: FEMA Region IV

Public Advisories

Here’s the breakdown of public advisories from NOAA’s NHC in decreasing order of severity:

  • Hurricane Warning:
    • Northwestern Bahamas excluding Andros Island
  • Hurricane Watch:
    • Andros Island

Evacuations and Emergency Declarations

  • Florida: See evacuation zones here
  • Georgia: See evacuation resources here
  • South Carolina: See evacuation zones here

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