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National Preparedness Month – Applying


Despite an emergency manager’s best efforts to prepare for incidents, the translation of preparedness initiatives to more effective response and recovery operations can be a challenge. To support this particular challenge, Hagerty Consulting provides services aimed specifically at operationalizing preparedness initiatives. Since 2001, Hagerty Consulting has provided clients with the tools, training, and personnel to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

The following highlight Hagerty’s ability to translate planning and preparedness initiatives to actionable response operations and tactics:  

Response Task Force

Large-scale disasters can create an immediate and often long-term need for response and recovery staff that far exceeds the available capacity at the local and state level. Disasters can challenge existing levels of emergency management support staff during emergency response and recovery operations and may limit an emergency coordinating entity’s ability to provide needed services to survivors. The Hagerty Response Task Force is designed to help our clients avoid these negative outcomes.  Surge staffing teams are deployable 24/7 based on a flexible need for our clients.

Disaster Cost Recovery Plans

Hagerty helps its clients respond effectively to disasters by collaborating to develop Disaster Cost Recovery (DCR) plans.  DCR plans drafted with the specific intention of operationalizing strategic recovery concepts, establishing a chain of command, group action-items by the timelines established by federal agencies, and include operational support tools to assess damages and track the accomplishment of critical tasks.  DCR plans are more tactically based. The plans provide step-by-step guidance to collect pertinent data, request, and manage federal post-disaster grants, improving our clients’ ability to manage complex grant awards and stipulations during disaster response and recovery operations so they can apply preparedness efforts to support response.

Deployment of Recovery Staff via Standby Contracts  

Having effective standby contracts in place pre-disaster, ready to mobilize at the sign of potential need is essential to effective preparation. Hagerty supports our clients with such needs for standby preparedness, response, and recovery contracts, providing augmented EOC support, recovery, and planning experts on an as needed basis. By taking advantage of employing such contracts, emergency managers can quickly pivot in times of need, having support staff and resources at their fingertips at a moment’s notice.

In light of the recent impact that hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have had on the United States and its territories, the importance of applying preparedness techniques is clear.  By teaming with Hagerty Consulting, emergency managers can be assured of success in being prepared and providing top of the line results for their communities.

Whether needing planning support, strategic analysis, or having a standby contract in place, Hagerty Consulting can help the emergency manager of today meet the challenges and needs when disasters strike.

 For more information on how Hagerty can support developing or applying preparedness tools in your community, visit http://hagertyconsulting.com/preparedness.