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Post Tropical Cyclone Hermine – News You Should Know Update

Post Tropical Cyclone Hermine – News You Should Know Update


With Post Tropical Cyclone Hermine moving closer to the Coast, Hagerty Consulting’s disaster recovery experts continue to monitor the situation and activity in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), we are now well within the “peak” of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Historically, conditions coalesce between mid-August and mid-October and this eight-week period accounts for 78 percent of the recorded tropical storm days, 87 percent of the Category 1 and 2 hurricane days, and 96 percent of the major (Category 3, 4 and 5) hurricane days.

NOAA hurricane graph

With this in mind, here are the stories that our professionals continue to monitor:

  • The storm has shifted away from New York City, but still poses a threat to the New England Coast. Link.
  • A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the coast of Long Island from Fire Island Inlet to Port Jefferson Harbor, New Haven to Sagamore Beach, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Link.
  • Florida continues the clean-up process and is assessing the need for Governor Scott to request a disaster declaration. Link
  • More than 18,000 in the state of Florida remain without power (as of 1PM EST). Link.
  • Communities across the Mid-Atlantic prepare for significant coastal erosion. Link.
  • Director Rick Knabb takes you behind the scenes at the National Hurricane Center. Link.
  • The statistics enthusiasts at FiveThirtyEight look at how difficult Hermine was to predict. Link.
  • And in the Eastern Pacific, Hurricane Newton threatens Mexico and the American Southwest. Link.

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