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Southeast Coastal Region Prepares for Hurricane Florence

According to the last updates from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Hurricane Florence has strengthened to a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Scale with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. The NHC continues to track Florence’s west-northwest movements and forecasts the center of Florence will approach the southeastern coast of the US by Thursday. Mandatory and voluntary evacuations have been issued for some parts of the Outer Banks and coastal North Carolina.

NOAA National Hurricane Center Hurricane Florence Forecast Cone as of 9/10/18 at 11:00 am AST

The NHC is currently predicting that Florence will bring life-threatening impacts including flooding, hurricane-force winds, and substantial rainfall. The model below displays the anticipated precipitation along the Southeastern coastline,

Additional Storms

Atlantic Region

Storms Isaac and Helene have both strengthened to Category 1 and 2 hurricanes, respectively. The NHC reports that Helene appears to be gaining strength quickly but still currently poses no threats to land. Hurricane Isaac is a smaller hurricane which the NHC anticipates will weaken as it approaches the Lesser Antilles.

Pacific Region

In the Central Pacific, Hurricane Olivia is predicted to have direct impact on the main Hawaiian Islands east of Kauai by early Tuesday. The NOAA’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center has cautioned residents of Hawaii that even if not in the path of direct storm, hazardous impacts such as dangerous winds, rainfall, surf, and storm surge can extend far beyond the center.

As Typhoon Mangkhut begins to move beyond U.S. territories Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, rains and damaging winds continue to linger.

Hagerty will continue to monitor these situations. Please stay tuned to Disaster Discourse this coming week, when we will post more fulsome updates and helpful ways to prepare.

Below is a list of information resources to be prepared for hurricanes and hazardous weather:

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