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Tropical Storm Hermine – News You Should Know

Tropical Storm Hermine – News You Should Know

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Hagerty Consulting is continuing to monitor Tropical Storm Hermine. Tropical Storm Hermine made landfall near St. Marks, Florida as a hurricane around 1:30 AM on Friday, September 2nd with winds of 80 miles per hour. As it moves over land, the storm has weakened but still presents a threat to life, health, and public safety. As the storm progresses, please follow all instructions from public safety officers.

As the storm continues to move along the East Coast, here are links to stories that we are following:


  • The National Hurricane Center expects the storm to track across Georgia and the Carolinas. Link
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) Ready.gov website has tips on how to stay safe during a hurricane. Link
  • The National Hurricane Center continues to warn of possible life threatening inundation within the next 12 to 24 hours along the Florida Gulf Coast from Indian Pass to Longboat Key. Link
  • The hashtag #TurnAroundDontDrown is being used by FEMA Region IV and several state and county emergency management agencies in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Link

Emergency Closures/Declarations


  • Hermine ends an 11-year period without a hurricane making landfall in Florida. Link
  • Over 170,000 residents in the Tallahassee area were left without power Friday morning. Link
  • About 12,000 Jacksonville area residents were without power as of 9am Friday morning. Link