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Welcome to National Preparedness Month: Are You Prepared?

Preparedness, in many respects, is about vision. Envisioning the anticipated, envisioning the unanticipated. Ensuring the right stakeholders are in place, have formed relationships, can effectively problem solve and implement embedded protocols to meet the threat.

In preparedness circles it’s often said, “it’s not the plan that matters, but the process that’s important”. There’s no doubt about it; the process planning is essential. But it is the plan, and the tools embedded in these plans, that inform effective and sound problem solving, and that live beyond any one person’s experience. If done well, plans provide a structure and ground truth to decision-making processes needed during chaos. These are the elements that often, at the end of the day, make or break disaster response and recovery. Plans envisioned well make all the difference.

As we welcome another National Preparedness Month, on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, and at the forefront of disasters to come, we invite you to join us in exploring effective preparedness activities that we at Hagerty Consulting observe, instruct, and experience on a regular basis. Each week for the next month we will tackle a new topic area. We will discuss preparedness activities our clients are working on, and how we at Hagerty assist them to achieve their vision. Additionally, ever students in our own right, we will apply what we have learned from recent events to provide timely perspectives on the importance of preparedness. We will cover:

  • Empowering: focusing on developing emergency management capabilities and competencies that are appropriate for our client’s organization, their community.
  • Building: focusing on developing clients’ emergency management programs, and the support to develop incremental progress along the path to preparedness.
  • Applying: focusing on the implementation of clients’ programs into actionable steps, that are both realistic and evolving.
  • Expanding: focusing on Hagerty’s efforts to assist clients think outside the traditional emergency management box, improving preparedness concepts, and expanding the traditional audience.

We hope as you follow along, you too will consider your own preparedness vision, considering: Where is it now? Where should it be? How can Hagerty help you get there?

To learn more about Hagerty Preparedness, visit http://hagertyconsulting.com/preparedness/.